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The Flannigan Girls

A debut novel - June 2024

The Flannigan girls stick together


Claire, Elena, and Becca were not only sisters but the best of friends growing up relying on each other for love and affection amidst a home lacking in love. As they grew older things shifted, life took them in separate directions. When Claire’s husband is offered a new position in his company, leaving him gone more than at home, Claire’s insecurities of abandonment rise, threatening to unravel the tight-knit family she’s worked so hard to maintain.


Determined to uphold her promise of never letting her children feel unloved, Claire confronts her own feelings of neglect and must learn to reconnect with her sisters. Through Claire's story, the sisters must rediscover  the enduring strength of their bond.

Available through the website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other major retailers.


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"Every story has an end, but in life every ending is a new beginning."



About Wendy Haller

Wendy Haller was born and raised in the Ocean State, Rhode Island. She has an undergraduate degree in Journalism and a master's degree in Integrated Early Childhood Special Education. She has spent most of her career as a preschool special education teacher and now spends most of her days lost in her head with the characters of her latest book.  She is also a member of the Connecticut Association of Publishers and Authors, International Women's Writers Guild, and Women's Fiction Writer's Association.


She lives in Connecticut with her husband, son, daughter, dog, cat and two fish. 

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