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Maggie Malone and Her Imagination,
Maggie Malone "I Can Do It All By Myself" 
The Maggie Malone book series are children's books designed for both parents and young children. These books will help children to become more independent in their play skills and self-help skills. Join Maggie  in Maggie Malone and Her Imagination as she learns how to take a break from her tablet and use her imagination to play with her toys with the encouragement from her mom. In Maggie Malone "I Can Do It All By Myself", Maggie observes her school friends being independent, taking care of their own needs. Maggie is determined to do things all by herself too.

Available in the store, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and

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Books can be purchased locally in Connecticut at Kismet Co. in Collinsville
The Curious Cat Bookshop in Winsted and at Howard's Bookstore in Torrington

The Flannigan Girls
release June 2024

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The Flannigan girls stick together


Claire, Elena, and Becca were not only sisters but the best of friends growing up relying on each other for love and affection amidst a home lacking in love. As they grew older things shifted, life took them in separate directions. When Claire’s husband is offered a new position in his company, leaving him gone more than at home, Claire’s insecurities of abandonment rise, threatening to unravel the tight-knit family she’s worked so hard to maintain.


Determined to uphold her promise of never letting her children feel unloved, Claire confronts her own feelings of neglect and must learn to reconnect with her sisters. Through Claire's story, the sisters must rediscover the importance of familial support and the enduring strength of their bond.

Kiss You Love, Goodbye

a poetic journey through life

Kiss You Love, Goodbye - a poetic journey through life is a 

2023 American Book Fest - Best Book Awards Finalist:

Poetry - Contemporary

This book took 30 years to write. The poems in this book span across the years of self-discovery from

late teens into adulthood from

"Who am I?" to "This is who I am?"

Available now on all major platforms in

paperback, EBook or audiobook.

To purchase an autographed copy contact Wendy at

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#1 Bestselling
Audiobook on Amazon

"Haller’s book of poetry is divided into sections throughout her life. The poetry, mostly in a four line rhyming type, (though not always), begins with the voice of a younger Haller. The maturity of the poet is evident in the subject matter, word choice, and phrasing as each section is revealed. It is honest, raw, and confessional. I think so many will relate to the various sections in which Haller often speaks to the difficulties of change, relationships, age, being female, and depression. Good for age 16 and up, in my opinion. The poetry is painful and insightful but at the same time, I appreciated the brutal honesty of this poets’ deepest, and sometimes complicated, feelings. Worth the read!"

"I received this book of poetry today and immediately devoured it from cover to cover. From the first page, the authors voice captured me. I related to so many of the experiences she shared through her beautiful prose, sometimes bringing me to tears. Honest and raw, this authors ability to convey so much emotion, related to the universal experiences of grief, sadness, first loves and heartbreak.. the darkest feelings of anguish. It’s a perfect addition to any library."
"Such an incredibly brave and powerful collection of poems"
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