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Owning your heart’s desire...I am an author ✍️

Updated: Feb 2

Truth from a child🌟

On Thanksgiving, I was playing cards with my cousin's 9-year old daughter, Charlotte. This was our conversation…

C: What do you for work?

W: I was a teacher.

C: What do you mean was?

W: Well, I was a teacher for 19 years but I’m not teaching right now.

C: Then what are you doing?

W: Well, I’ve been writing books.

C: So, you’re an author.

W: Yeah, I’m an author.

C: Then why didn’t you just say that. You’re an author.

Love that kid, her honesty and sass. The brutal honesty from a child can be so eye opening. Acknowledging myself as an author was something I hadn’t actually done or said out loud as I had been having horrible imposter syndrome. My first book, "The Flannigan Girls", is being edited and I'm doing research now for my second book, "For Better or Worse". I feel confident finally to be able to say, "I am an author."

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