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Please Take a Compliment

Receiving compliments has never been easy for me. They always made me feel shy or uncomfortable. If someone said they missed me or loved me, even that would make me uneasy. Like I didn't deserve it, or the person giving it didn't mean it. I was always better at giving than receiving. Maybe it was from growing up as a female in a time where we were meant to just fade into the background. Maybe it was my own self-doubt.

For those of us who are givers, it can be hard to receive. We give so much of ourselves to our friends, family, and professions. When it’s time to receive we tend to shy away or become embarrassed.

We receive a compliment or a gift, we get awkward, and we don’t know how to respond. We brush off the compliment or say ‘you didn’t have to do that’ in regards to the gift. There’s a part of us that feels like we don’t deserve it. Maybe it’s our own insecurities or feelings of being underserving.

I heard a podcast recently where the host and guest were talking about this subject. The guest said that when she is given a compliment she responds with, “I receive that, thank you.” That’s it, I receive that. Something about her response resonated so much with me. Instead of being wary, receive the compliment. Just receive it. Imagine that. Allowing yourself to receive.

Instead of responded with a bow of the head or a slight smile, lift your head up look the giver in the eye and say, ‘thank you.’ Receive the compliment, receive the gift. Say to yourself, ‘I receive that.’ Take that feeling into your heart, know you deserve it.

Try it. Say it to yourself right now, “I receive that.” How does it make your heart feel?

Get comfortable with knowing you deserve to receive all the beautiful things that you give out to others. What a magnificent way to fill one’s own cup by allowing yourself to receive with gratitude.

The next time you are given a gift or a compliment, receive it. Really take it in. Know it’s coming from a place of love from the person giving it and you deserve all of that love.


With love and light,



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