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Hey Soul Sister (and Brother)…find your community

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Find your community of like-minded individuals where you feel completely accepted and able to be your true self. Where the true nature within you is finally able to come out and be released. Where no one is judging you. Such a beautiful thing.

I’m sure many of us go through most of our lives weeding through friendships searching for that right fit. Especially, through our teens and twenties. We want to find OUR people. The ones who do not judge us for our appearance, our socio-economic status or sexual orientation. Having people to share space, to share love with one another. Just humans…being…together. Those very special bonds of learning ‘where we belong’.

There’s a beautiful song by Michael W. Smith called “My Place in this World” and that song truly represented me for many years of my life. I remember going through the uncertainty as to “where do I fit in?”. I was struggling to find my place, who I was meant to be, who I wanted myself to be, and then get into a place of acceptance of myself, and then finding community where I could be that person, the true me.

A community full of non-judgmental, pure acceptance. What I found was not just one community, but pockets of different people that represent areas of my life that I am passionate about. Whether it’s my girlfriends that I’ve had relationships with because our children grew up together, or my college friends with whom we’ve shared life experiences. My yoga community, who I’ve grown with physically and spiritually, and now my author community who are guiding me through this next phase of my life. It feels so good to have found these people, these communities.

To all my soul sisters and brothers, I want you to know that there is always a place for you in this world. A place of acceptance and a place to share space so we can all just be our beautiful selves. If you feel you don’t see it, trust me it’s out there and know that I will always hold space for you as well. There is a place for all of us where we can be beautiful humans…being together.

With love and kindness,


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