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Do it anyways...because it's fun

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

I love to play disc golf. I'm terrible at disc golf, but I still love to play it. This past weekend, my husband and I were playing disc golf at a par 3 course with two of our closest friends.

At the end of 18 holes, the final score was:

-Spitfire -1

-Mike +1

-Chuckles +10

-Me +24

It was a gorgeous, end of summer day. Partly cloudy with a soft breeze. A fun Saturday afternoon with friends. As I was retrieving my disc that was buried in some tall grass thanks to ANOTHER wonky throw, I thought to myself 'I just don't care that I'm terrible at this game, I'm having so much fun.' I didn't need anyone to coddle me, 'oh, give it time you'll get better' or 'keep practicing' or 'it's okay, at least you’re trying'. Sure, I almost chopped my husband’s head off with a throw that sliced right. After that, everyone knew to stand at a far distance when I was at the tee.

Spitfire and Mike were neck and neck and in total competition mode, while Chuckles and I walked, threw, chatted, threw, and giggled. The discs kept moving forward and that’s all that mattered. We finished the round and headed to the attached brewery for a cold beer and more laughter. Spitfire celebrated his win. I celebrated my 24 over par. Because it was fun!

So, my question then to all of you…is there anything you don’t do because you are terrible at it. You think to yourself, ‘I would love to do X but I am so bad at it’. I don’t know why we put ourselves down so easily and then buy into that self-imposed judgement. What if you dropped the second half of that statement. What if you just did something because you love to do it regardless of how great or not great you are at it.

What if instead, we just did it the X because we enjoy it, it makes us happy and because it is just have fun!

With love and kindness,


(now go do that thing, have some fun)

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