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The Flannigan girls stick together...


Claire, Elena, and Becca were not only sisters but the best of friends growing up. They had to rely on each other in a home where they were emotionally neglected by their parents, especially their mother.


Being the youngest, Claire was left on her own with her parents during her formative teen years leaving her with a deep seated feeling of abandonment. As Becca, Elena and Claire grew into adults, the sisterly bond they once shared disappeared.


As they grew older things shifted and life took them in separate directions. Determined to uphold her promise to herself of never letting her children feel unloved, Claire confronts her own feelings of neglect and must learn to reconnect with her sisters.


Through Claire's story, the sisters must find a way back to each other, help pull Claire out of her despair, and rediscover the bond they once shared, because Flannigan girls stick together.


Also available as an ebook on Amazon

The Flannigan Girls

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