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Accept and love where you are...right now

I have spent my entire teaching career making accommodations for my students so they can be the most successful in the classroom. I shouldn't say just in the classroom, teachers do this in their everyday lives for everyone. That is what we know, it is what we do.

I love to hike and paddleboard but haven't gone much this summer. My psoriatic arthritis flares have been bad between the high humidity days, rain, and changes in barometric pressure. It's just very unpredictable.

For my recent birthday, my husband bought me a pair of walking sticks and soft pads to put my inflatable paddleboard up on my car already inflated. I immediately thought I should be insulted, but instead, I was thrilled! In that moment it occurred to me, I can do the things I love to do, I just need to make accommodations for myself. Like I would do for any of my kiddos. Why had I not thought of this on my own?

All these years, I’ve observed my students and their needs and made all the accommodations needed for them to succeed. Now here I am, and it never once occurred to me to do the same for myself. I CAN do the things I enjoy!

I went for a 3-mile hike with my husband using my walking sticks. They were glorious. I wish I had had them ages ago. I realized I can’t do 3-miles right now. It was too much for me. Next time, I’ll do half that and that’s okay. Another day, we went paddleboarding and he blew up my inflatable board at home. I was able to paddleboard for about two hours, not standing up, on my knees or sitting down. Again, it’s okay.

I accept and love where I am right now. It’s not where I was a year ago. It may not be where I am a year from now. It’s where I am right now.

My wish is for you to love and accept yourself where you are. Don’t give up on things you love due to limitations whether physical, mental or even time restraints. Make the accommodations, feed your soul what it needs to be happy despite those limitations. A one-time me would have gotten down on herself over having to use walking sticks, now I’m excited to be able to hit the trails again. Just maybe shorter ones this time!

With love and kindness,


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I love this!! I would never think twice about giving students whatever support they need. It's so hard not to look at things like this as a "weakness" when we need help ourselves.

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